5 Keys to Creating a Perfect Life

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 The idea of perfection has been popping up the past couple of weeks. It was the theme for a chapter I wrote last week and has come up several time in conversation. That’s usually a pay attention indicator for me. My pondering lead to this weeks article. Let me know what you know to be truegifts of imperfection

What If – You could embrace a perfectly imperfect life?

Research Shows – According to Berne Brown perfectionism is other focused, based in what others will think. The desire to be perceived as perfect is a shield for the fear of feeling shamed, blamed, and judged. The irony is where ever perfectionism exists shame is always lurking.

I have spent a good amount of my life alternating between pushing against perfectionism and using it as a shield. I am a recovering perfectionist 😉 This is what I know to be true.

  1. In any given moment each of us is doing the best that we can – and sometimes that doesn’t look pretty. And that’s okay. Remembering this when someone is crabby or I’m feeling judgy around something I’ve done (or not done as the case may be) gives me peace.
  2. Feeling good is important – happiness is a choice, actually a million little choices that reap huge rewards. Doing things that feel good, taking time to appreciate a scent or a kindness generates more of the same.
  3. In order to serve others your cup must be full – whether your listening to a friend, helping a child, serving a cause if you are depleted you’re giving from a place of lack and that doesn’t serve anyone. (See #2)
  4. Make your own rules – creating success on your own terms is so much more satisfying. You get to create your own rules when you honor your own values. I have a little process I use to help me get to the core of success you can check it out here.
  5. Be who you are – no one else can be you, no one else has the authority to tell you who to be. Embrace your imperfections, express who you are, make choices that feel really good to you.

Can you create your own list? Or add to mine? Share your thoughts below

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