4 Signposts of Your Heroes’ Journey – How the Root Chakra Helps

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The vague sense of uncertainty.

The indescribable pull of something bigger from deep inside of you.

The unshakeable sense of urgency.

And the courage and tenacity to follow the pull.

All of the above are signposts of the beginning of the heroes’ journey. Starting in everyday life, a call to begin a new and unusual path is received. If the call is answered there are tasks and trials on this path, both internal and external. Continuing the journey through the trials results in the discovery of important self-knowledge. The hero may choose to share their special gift with the world in order to improve it in some way.

Can you recognize yourself in this journey? No matter where you are in the journey tapping in to your subtle energy field can make the journey easier and more efficient.

The root chakra is the first chakra to be activated as an infant from conception to 6 months or so and then again during the teenage years around age 14 -15. The purpose it is revisited for is to heal any issues encountered during the previous years.

The root chakra archetype is the Hero in its positive expression and the Victim in its negative expression.

The focus of the energy in the root chakra is keeping life vibrant and sustainable. This is the energy that helps you stay grounded when undergoing change.  The Hero has a strong sense of structure and stability which provides a solid foundation for dreams and goals.

It is important to tap into the strengths of this archetype like the ability to create a strong stable foundation. A tendency to be patient and an innate sense of belonging

While being aware of the pitfalls of this energy like stepping into the victim mode and feeling powerless. Becoming stagnant because of strong attachment to the security of structure and stability rather than using it to lift you up and propel you on your journey.

Tapping into the energy of the root chakra can be done readily by imagining a red light moving up from the ground through the feet, legs, spinal column, and out the top of your head. If you have any resistance or feel stuck with the flow of the energy you can use a self-healing chakra cleansing technique to free up the energy.

Combine this with listening to your inner wisdom and taking inspired actions and you’ll move forward with a greater sense of security and support.

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