3 Small Changes that Yield Big Results

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Feeling a little stuck or stingy in the happy mojo department? We all have those times when we swirl in a soup of frustration and “I don’t really want this in my life”, yet moving past it can be difficult. Knowing that you’re in it and pulling yourself out of it can be two very different things.

Whether you’re firmly entrenched or just hitting a little speed bump, try these 3 simple energy shifting techniques that take 60 seconds or less and have a big impact on shifting into a feel good state.

  1. Hug someone – take 20 seconds and hug someone. This stimulates oxytocin (a feel good hormone), and it helps reduce cortisol (the stress hormone). So go ahead and give a hug or two today.
  2. Shift your energy – place your hand over your heart and imagine emerald green light flowing through it. For 3 full breaths pull the energy through your heart. This opens up the heart chakra and the sense of love and well being that it holds.
  3. Send it out – this 60 second meditation is as good for you as it is for others. Close your eyes. Breathe in ‘I am’. Breathe out ‘Love’. Visualize the love flowing like a river with each breath –
  •  1st breath to yourself
  • 2nd breath to your family and friends
  • 3rd breath to your community and city
  • 4th breath to your state
  • 5th breath to your country
  • 6th breath to the world

Imagine points of light turning on as you send the love out.

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