20 Ways to Decrease Holiday Stress

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The holiday season is here. Along with the holiday parties, family traditions, shopping, cooking, and family functions comes a lot of hustle and bustle, adding to our already over extended ‘To Do’ list.
We get bombarded externally with noise and commotion from retailers as well as the internal mental chatter and list (often long) of ‘shoulds’. This leaves us feeling drained and stressed out, more of the bah humbug feeling than the peace and joy that we’re seeking.
 Fill Your Cup is a phrase I use  a lot. ( my private clients are probably nodding their heads in agreement) The premise is that we all have a certain amount of energy available at any given time.
That varies form moment to moment but if you have a full cup you’re feeling rested, centered, clear, and connected. On the flip side if your cup is empty you’re tired, frazzled, uncertain, crabby, and disconnected.
When your cup is empty and you keep going your body will let you know – you may get forgetful, resentful, have trouble sleeping, catch a cold, or experience  low back strain. Your body is telling you to fill your cup.
What I know to be  true – if you don’t make yourself a priority you’re subconsciously telling those around you it’s okay not to put you as a priority either.
When I move into high stress mode I often forget/resist the things I do to de-stress and center myself so I created Operation Fill Your Cup as a way to remind myself to be kind (to me)and re-connect to who I am.
It’s a 21 day challenge in radical self care……in 10 minutes or less a day. And it’s my gift to you this holiday season.
We’ll start December 9th and go through the end of the month. Commit to taking a few minutes to fill your cup each day, I know you’ll be glad you did.
Won’t you join me ? It will be way more fun if you do ! Click Here to join me
I look forward to replenishing with you.
P.S. No time like the present to Fill Your Cup. Join me here
P.P.S If you know someone who would benefit from filling their cup please feel free to share, the more the merrier!

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