10 Key Components for Happiness – part 1

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cathy brennan1.) Be Who You Are

  • Be authentic
  • Stay tuned in to your beliefs and values
  • Play to your strengths
  • Don’t compensate/apologize for who you are


elephant friends2.) Be Kind

  • Clean up your self-talk – if you wouldn’t say it out loud to someone else don’t say it to yourself
  • Practice kindness – first to yourself then towards others
  • Hold all living things in compassion
  • Be a beacon of love


floral3.) Honor Your Body

  • Tune in to what your body is telling you
  • Acknowledge your body’s wisdom, even if you don’t heed it
  • Get right with your food
  • Use your body properly


mind4.) Trust Your Inner Wisdom

  • Tune in to your inner wisdom daily
  • Follow and trust your inner wisdom
  • Be gentle with yourself as you learn to deepen that trust
  • Embody the wisdom of creating your own destiny


cat to lion 5.) Dare to Be Your Best Self

  • Express yourself
  • Follow your dreams
  • Own your power
  • Don’t settle

What component are you really good at?  Share your tip in the comments below.  Watch for part 2…..

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