Why Hanging Out With the Girls is Good For Your Health

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What if:  Girlfriends were good for your health?
Research shows:  Social isolation is one of the highest risk factors in human mortality. It’s showing that people with a strong base of friends live up to 50% longer and report a 40% higher quality of life rating.
   Recent studies on cancer patients showed an actual physiological difference. Women with a strong social support base had 70% less of the proteins associated with more aggressive cancer in their blood.
    As we enter midlife with all the changes and questions that it brings, friends become even more important. We don’t have a rite of passage as we transition into our wisdom season. The wisdom season is where the culmination of what we have experienced and learned gets funneled into our unique legacy. So often it comes forward in fits and starts filled with doubt and uncertainty rather than the deep knowing and honoring it deserves.
     Girlfriends help us celebrate this. In big and little ways, ways that matter. Being seen is always important but especially now when many of us feel invisible. There is something about spending time with a girlfriend that feeds the soul. Conversations run the gambit from the mundane to the deeply philosophical. The sense of knowing that someone ‘gets’ you and you’re not alone in your fears and uncertainties bolsters you in ways that are far reaching.
     Energetically these connections are really strong in the heart and sacral chakras where we hold the energy for love, intimacy, and feminine power. When we allow this connection it also expands our capacity to give and receive love with others.
     These connections come in so many shapes and sizes but the one constant is that they support and nurture you. If they don’t its time to re-examine the friendship is it an arrangement or is it a true supportive friendship. Surrounding yourself with those who accept you for who you are helps make the hard times a little easier and the good times even better.
     That moment when you’re completely frustrated with your child and quite sure you’re the most horrible parent ever and your friend reminds you that we all have those moments.  The tension eases and you see a little clearer.
     The friend that holds as you cry when your ex brings his new girlfriend to the house to pick up your daughter, or the one that tells you she thinks he traded down 😉 The love and support helps ease the pain.
     The friend that does the happy dance with you when you find out your work will be published, and really means it! Puts a little more bounce in your step.
     When you decide to quit your job to start a business the friend that cheers you on and sends links to business related articles. It all seems a little more possible.
     And those girls’ nights out where you share dreams, compare hot flash stories, dish about sex, celebrate, laugh, and cry.
Yeah, no doubt about it girlfriends are definitely good for your health. I love flower essences and my friend Allison has some essences that help with supportive social interaction if you want more info go here.
Share your favorite girlfriend memory in the comments below.

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