More About Cathy

cathy BrennanBios are usually full of stuffy, third person, canned info. That doesn’t work for me because I’m all about being who you are. So, I’ll ask you to imagine pulling up a chair and enjoying a cup of coffee with me at a café on the beach.

I do hope we get to connect and say hello so I can hear your bio, too. I invite you to connect with me on facebook, twitter or drop me an email.



Before Coaching…

By any definition, I’ve had a bit of a tumbleweed career. After high school, I signed up for a fashion design program – funny because my wardrobe is made up primarily of jeans, t-shirts, and sandals. A week before the start of classes, the program was canceled and I had to choose one of the other programs they offered: commercial art, dental assistant, or nursing.

Nursing was the most attractive, so nursing it was. I graduated, got a job in a hospital, and went on to build a career for myself as an RN. At the same time, I took classes in environmental engineering

As a nurse, I loved helping people in their healing process. However, as time went on, I wanted to do more. I envisioned a more empowering model for personal health. I began searching, taking classes and certifications in herbology, hypnosis, reiki, intuitive practices, and chakra healing. I started Natures Health Source; a small business focused on creating and selling all natural lotions, soaps, and salves. I missed working directly with people and wanted to use my various skills more thoroughly.

rp_rose-colored-glasses-300x200.jpgAbout that time Cheryl Richardson introduced me to life coaching. It was love at first sight; I was hooked. I took classes at Coach U and followed Thomas Leonard when he started Coachville where I completed my basic then advanced coaching coursework. My one-on-one coaching practice opened in 2003, and in 2006 I added group coaching and workshops.

I fell in love with coaching. I’m still in love fifteen years later.

Coaching allows me to use my unique blend of intuitive skills, energy work, and pragmatic, practical applications to inspire, empower, and connect people with their own authority (all core values for me). Over time I noticed patterns emerging both personally and with clients. I call it the Soul Path.

It’s a blend of the hero’s (or heroine’s) journey and soul purpose; distinct phases that we all go through as we move through our lives, particularly at midlife, when it can feel particularly urgent. It’s an incredibly powerful body, mind, and spirit process that helps you bring your potential to reality and helps eliminate the feeling of being the only one or going it alone.

I’m also a mind-body researcher studying the many ways the mind and body interact and how our energetic flow impacts health and well-being.


My Envisioned Life…

C15On the personal side, I have four grown children and two grandchildren. I live a few blocks from my beloved ocean in a quirky place called Santa Cruz. I walk the beach most days, meditate daily, write often, and enjoy excellent dark chocolate on a regular basis. I have some amazing friends and equally great colleagues (most are both). My clients inspire me, and I feel honored to guide them on their Soul Path, and they guide me in more ways than they know.