Can You Hear Your Body Talk?

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An ache here, a twinge there, we all get them.  Most of the time it’s brushed to the side, ignored until the ache becomes constant, the twinge becomes painful, and it’s interfering with every day life.  I call these physical symptoms Body Triggers, a key component to self-healing.  They are the physical manifestations of tension or relaxation and the subsequent movement of energy. During stressful times they are invaluable for helping you stay calm and easing worry/anxiety.


Your Check Engine Light is On


These Body Triggers are your early warning system, indicating a change in your energy flow.  They can indicate a positive flow or negative flow.  Your early warning system can be triggered by stress, a limiting belief, an action that’s out of alignment for you, a choice that’s good for you, fear, growth, or any number of internal or external circumstances.  Just like the check engine light in your car it’s a good idea to pay attention to them before it becomes a problem and like your car you have a mechanical break down.

     To become familiar with Body Triggers recall a time when you were nervous and had butterflies in your stomach, that was a body trigger.  If you continue to experience the nervousness, the body trigger gets stronger perhaps an upset stomach and long-term maybe a gastrointestinal disturbance.  Tuning in early and taking the time to learn what your body is telling you is invaluable. It helps you to trust your intuition and inner wisdom.

Applying this to every day life can be done by trying the following two techniques;

  • When you notice an ache, pain, or new sensation in the body do the following:
  • Pause and focus on the area where you’re noting the new sensation.
  • Mentally review your recent behavior or thought pattern.( ex. your manager just made yet another unreasonable request, you felt angry, unappreciated, or powerless)
  • Note what comes up, over time you’ll notice a pattern.  This pattern is the Body Trigger.


The other method is reflective, take a moment and get quiet;

  1. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths
  1. Do a Body Scan by moving your attention up through your body, starting at your toes and working up the body to the top of your head.
  1. Notice the sensations in your body, tension, aches, pains, tingling, etc.
  1. Now, vividly imagine a situation or event that you felt activated by (I suggest doing this twice, first with a negative and follow it with a positive)
  1. Breathe in the experience, allowing the feelings to move through your body.
  1. Do another Body Scan, noting any difference in the sensations you’re feeling.

{Repeat steps four through six as desired}

  1. Take three deep breaths, consciously releasing any tension still held in your body.
  1. Open your eyes and write down any observations. The physical sensations you felt were Body Triggers.

          As you become more aware of your own Body Triggers you’ll be able to quickly shift your energy.  Some of the more common Body Triggers are stiff neck, often associated with stubbornness of lack of flexibility or a warm tingly sensation running up and down your arms associated with recognizing the truth or a positive decision.  These are not set in stone.  You may have a Body Trigger that’s very different from the norm.  That’s why it’s important to tune into your own body and to decode your own early warning system.

          Learning to notice and respond to your early warning system takes practice, but the rewards are tremendous.  As a powerful self healing method , when you identify energy blocks early, you can often side step strong physical symptoms before they manifest.  You’re also able to hear your inner guidance more clearly and frequently, allowing you to take inspired action on a regular basis.

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