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We all crave clarity. The sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment we get when we connect with the deepest part of our Self and express that in our lives. The midlife unraveling(formerly referred to as midlife crisis) is the expression of this.

rp_map-1024x677.jpgWorking with the constant pull of questions swirling in our minds –

  • Why am I feeling like this?
  • What isn’t working? (And what do I do about it)
  • Where do I go from here?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • There must be something more!?!?


The clarity we seek around midlife is like worrying a knot. Attentively, patiently, wiggling and teasing eventually loosens the strands and unties the knot. If you try tugging, jerking, and impatiently pulling the knot locks up only getting tighter with each tug. This is the way of midlife, so many changes with no clear path forward and a sense of urgency that comes with age.

It takes couragea convergence of wisdom, experience, and desire to embrace the vulnerability that lies in the space of ‘I don’t know.’

It takes strength to pull back the curtain of fear – fear of failing, of not doing it right, of not being enough…

It takes perseverance to turn down the background noise of ‘should’ haves, ‘could’ haves, and ‘would’ haves.

Only then can we access the space to glean the clarity we desire, revealing the steps that we need to take to get us to the meaning, fulfillment, and happiness that is calling us.

We can develop a deep connection to trust the whispers of intuition and inner Self, create the foundation to plant the seeds for fulfillment and meaning, and wake up each day in love with our lives because they are a full expression of who we are. There is science that informs the process, as well as story and both, are necessary to understand and master, so we don’t constantly struggle with relationships, career, finances, and health.

There are commonalities for all of us but what works for each of us is slightly different, for a little insight into how you manifest happiness and how to maximize it take the happiness assessment here.
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Celebrating Transformation in in Midlife Body Mind and Soul

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